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GBIS vNET (Metro Ethernet) Bundles

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While the flexibility of customization is good, sometimes the most cost-effective solution is a result of combining popular products into bundles. GBIS offers vNET solutions bundled with other popular products at competitive prices that are guaranteed to be appealing to a budget-conscious business.

GBIS vNET Symmetric Bundle Pricing

vNET Speed
Monthly Rate
Setup Charge
Voice Services
Included Features
1.5 x 1.5
Starting at
You save $89.80/mo!
You save $115.00!
2 Voice Trunks
  • SIP or Analog
  • Unlimited National Long Distance*
vFAX inbound fax to email service

30 email boxes

  • GBIS Spam filter
  • Message filtering
  • Auto responder
  • Webmail
  • POP/IMAP access
  • 1000MB of email storage
CPE use included with 36 month term

Web Host Level 4

  • 500MB disk storage
  • 70GB data transfer
  • FTP/Shell access
  • MySQL database
  • Unlimited mapped domains
GBIS Hotspot Access

Nationwide Dial-up accounts available

3 x 3
Starting at
You save $89.80/mo!
You save $115.00!
5 x 5
Starting at
You save $84.50/mo!
You save $265.00!
8 Voice Trunks
  • SIP or Analog
  • Unlimited National Long Distance*
10 x 10
Starting at
You save $84.50/mo!
You save $265.00!
100% Uptime redundancy options starting at $99.95/month (where available)
* Acceptable Use Policy for unlimited Long Distance service
Fax/Data services over GBIS voice trunks are not supported

What are the Advantages of GBIS vNET?

Gigabit Ethernet based platforms, or vNET, in metropolitan areas has proven commercially successful. GBIS vNET is also a proven Ethernet technology for avoiding the bandwidth bottleneck that occurs when too many corporate networks are connected to one metropolitan area network.

GBIS vNET eliminates a layer of complexity from WAN access, thus reducing configuration requirements. Ethernet technology's plug-and-play feature also enables a simple migration path from low to high speeds. Therefore, vNET makes it relatively easy to integrate and interface end-customer IT systems. GBIS vNET technology services are already being used successfully.


  • "Local Loop" rates at approximately 50% of Traditional T1 Circuits
  • Completely dynamic bandwidth availability
  • No expensive router aggregation interfaces!
  • Cost effective multi-linking of circuits easily scale of 1.5 Mbps - 10 Mbps!
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